If you’re searching for lashes that will wow all day every day, individual eyelash extensions are perfect for you. This highly popular treatment enhances your look by placing synthetic individual lashes on to your natural lashes using the finest quality medical grade adhesive. These light, comfortable and natural looking eyelash extensions are available in a variety of curls, lengths and thicknesses, ideal for us to create the look you want.

The professional lashes and adhesive used in this treatment are of the finest quality and are formulated to last the length of time of the growth cycle of your natural lashes. To keep lashes looking fabulous for as long as possible, we recommend eyelash infill maintenance every two to three weeks.

Your professionally trained eyelash extension technician will apply your lashes and advise you with aftercare information.

Extra Thick: The application of one thick eyelash extension to every natural lash along the upper lash line.

Full Set: The application of one extension to every natural eyelash along the upper lash line.

Half Set: The application of one extension to every other natural eyelash along the upper lash line.

Lower Lashes: The application of extensions to your lower lash line (this will be done with your eyes open).

Lash Removal: The safe removal of extensions from your natural lashes.

Lash Maintenance is recommended to keep your lashes looking fresh for as long as you wish to continue wearing eyelash extensions. We will tidy the extensions, removing any that may have come loose from the natural lash and replace with new extensions. Lash maintenance can only be done if you still have eyelash extensions.

  • Sep 16, 2015
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Comments: 3
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