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Dear customers, please read the store purchase terms carefully before buying to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings and unhappiness!

1. Chromatic aberration problem: All products are taken in kind. After the shooting is completed, in order to make the color do not deviate as much as possible, we have corrected the color by various methods, and our professional drawing shows

The device also ensures that the color is close to reality to the greatest extent possible. But we can't guarantee that every buyer's different monitors will not have chromatic aberration. Please be cautious about not being able to tolerate a little color difference! So as not to become unnecessary

Money is wasted.

2. Courier problem: The delivery speed varies according to the city. Especially in bad weather and legal holidays, there will be delays. In addition, the business of each outlet of the courier company

The quality of the staff is also different. There may be unexpected factors such as bad attitude of the outlets of individual outlets or damaged packages. Some sellers cannot predict the unexpected factors. In short, what is unpleasant, please contact us, we will be positive

Communicate with the courier company.

3. Quality problems: There will be a special inspection department for strict inspection before delivery, and there should be no quality problems. If there is a problem affecting the use, please contact us within 48 hours of receipt.

The photo evidence must be properly resolved for you, and we will bear the postage. Because each customer's requirements are different, it is impossible to be perfect in the eyes of any customer. If you have any problems, please try to ditch with us.


4. If it is not of quality, it will not be returned. Product quality issues such as: damage, dirt, etc. and serious quality problems that are clearly uncontroversial.

Non-quality problems such as: very small stains, a little trace, artificially caused sputum, computer display caused by the color difference (different display, color will be different), do not like, and I imagine different, hand

The problem of buyer's subjective judgment is not considered a quality problem.

5. Express default, such as designated express, please contact the shopkeeper before delivery. The postage is borne by the buyer.

Price Description

Under normal circumstances: the price of the line: the price of the line may be the sales guide price of the product or the sales price of the product once displayed, not the original price, for reference only.
Unlined price: The unlined price is the sales price of the goods on the Alibaba China station. The specific transaction price is based on the goods participating in the activity, or the user changes the coupon, etc., and finally the price of the order settlement page. Under the preheating state: the price of the line: the price of the line is the sales price of the item in the current warm-up state, not the original price. The specific transaction price may change due to the user's use of the coupon, and finally the price of the order settlement page. Prevail.
Unlined price: The unlined price may be the activity price of the upcoming event. It is for reference only. The transaction price at the time of the specific activity may change due to the user's use of the coupon, etc., and finally the activity is the order settlement page price. . *Note: The foregoing instructions are only valid when a price comparison occurs. If the merchant separately describes the price of the line, the description of the merchant shall prevail.

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net weight 17g
Place of origin China
Qty 2000
Whether cross-border supply no
Whether to import no

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