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[brand]: Shi Di Shangpin


【Form】: pointed tail

[shelter]: Cotton stalk

[Material]: water hair

[quantity]: 3 pairs / box

[weight]: about 23 grams

[length]: about 1Cm


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--------------------------- False eyelashes use tips---------------------------

Eyelashes props:

Clip: It is also an auxiliary device. The single-beam false eyelashes are absolutely indispensable. With the help of the clips, the false eyelashes are applied more smoothly and quickly.
Small scissors: The whole row of false eyelashes that I just bought must be trimmed to match the length of the eye shape. The small scissors can be properly trimmed, which is very convenient!
Eyelash Glue: This shop has two kinds of white glue and black glue, which can be purchased according to personal preference. It is recommended to use white glue.

Various uses of false eyelashes:

Cut it into half, used to stick the back of the eye, suitable for girls with small eyes and round eyes, have the effect of lengthening the eyes!
Cut it into a small piece, for a while, take it with a gap and stick it on the root of the eyelashes, natural and cute!
There are also stage and performances that can stick 2-3 pairs at the same time. The eyes are big and thick, and they look good on the mirror!

How to remove the eyelashes:
Gently pick up the bottom line of the eyelashes with a small fingernail, then pinch it with your fingertips and slowly lift it up.
Use the thumb and forefinger tip to gently pull the false eyelashes from the inner corner of the eye, and the technique should be gentle.Used false eyelashes, completely remove the adhesive on the top, and put them into the box neatly, so that the curve of the false eyelashes can be kept unchanged for multiple use.In addition, be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, mascara, etc. on the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and damage the false eyelashes!

Product attribute
Craftsmanship 纯手工
False eyelashes category 塑料棉线梗
Have a licensable private label
Material 水貂毛
Place of origin 中国
Product Category 整副假睫毛
Qty 600盒
Style 尖尾款
Whether cross-border supply
Whether to import

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