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Original VETUS stainless steel tweezers ST-15


1. Made of stainless steel material;

2, anti-magnetic and acid;

3, the tip hardness is particularly good, not easy to deform, HRC up to 40 or more, can be used for a long time, increase life;

4, easy to use when using, can adapt to long-term work;

5, the appearance of the lines are smooth, fine processing;

6, the tip of the fine, long contact surface, can adapt to very fine products on the 0.01mm object operation;

7, the product is divided into eight series, a total of more than 90 models, to meet the needs of different fields.

VETUS quality dice has the following characteristics:
1. Material - use high quality stainless steel (antimagnetic, acid, corrosion, no rust).
2. Appearance - After surface treatment, there is a special high-grade feeling.
3. Planar thread - surface thread, the lines are uniform, and the side R side is even and smooth.
4. Lettering - use high precision equipment, laser typing.
5. Excessive angle - the wheel angle is clear and beautiful.
6. Tip tooth pattern - the tip tooth pattern is clear and bright.
7. Kneading force - The force used when the two tips are closed is 500 g ± 50 g.
8. Elasticity - The amount of deformation is extremely small. When testing, the total length of both ends is 1/2, and the opening size is ≤0.8mm after 5 times of pulling. This requirement is extremely high and generally difficult to achieve.

Product attribute
Custom processing Yes
Handle material stainless steel
Place of origin CHINA
Pointed material stainless steel
shape elbow
specification ST-15
Whether to import no

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