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Pingdu City Ranlin Eyelash Factory is a manufacturer that produces and processes hand-made 3D false eyelashes, dense eyelashes, and hairy eyelashes.Our factory has a strict and scientific quality management system, and has unique geographical advantages. It can complete the production process of manual eyelashes separately. Over the years, we have focused on eyelash production, and have developed new products regularly, providing services for major foreign trade companies and brands.OEM production and processing services.The integrity, strength and product quality of Pingdu City Ranlin Eyelash Factory have been recognized by the industry.Welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guide and negotiate business.


False eyelashes can be used repeatedly if they are properly maintained.

1. Do not brush mascara on false eyelashes.
A lot of how to wear eyelashes means that after wearing false eyelashes, brushing a layer of mascara can prevent layering of true and false eyelashes, but for false eyelashes.

It will be very difficult to clean up.If you are using a higher quality eyelash with a higher quality, it is best not to do so, as long as the sticker

The eyelashes are shaped in front of the eyelashes, and the true and false eyelashes are not layered.

2, the use of eyelashes is gentle.
Do not pull the eyelashes with force, try to keep the curvature of the roots of the false eyelashes. After use, use the eyelash comb to smooth the false eyelashes.

3, do not wash with water, if dirty, you can use a brush to gently brush, the glue can be removed gently.

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