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Factory direct sales Welcome to cross-border e-commerce store online store long-term cooperation!

One: price is our advantage.

Second: Quality is our guarantee.

Three: Adequate supply is the capital of our long-term cooperation.

Quality management: Every product in our company has a worker's workmanship label (worker number). If there is a quality problem in the product, the worker who has the quality problem can be found according to the work number label. Therefore, the quality of the product from the production management hasGuarantee.

After-sales instructions:

[about express delivery and shipping]

First, the product is not 包邮 (except for activities, contact customer service staff for details). The reason for not shipping is that we can replenish the goods after the customer purchases, so one package can get the goods, and there is no limit on the amount and quantity.In fact, the package will also be counted in the cost of the customer, I hope the customer can understand.

Second, the default: Shentong Yuantong rhyme Express If you have special requirements, please contact the sales staff first, thank you!

Third, please be sure to tell the sales staff that the express delivery can be reached. If you do not arrive, the cost of being returned and re-delivered will be borne by you. After the delivery, it will be 1~2 days in Guangdong Province and 3~ in other areas.5 days to arrive.

[about spot, delivery, delivery time]

Orders that are not cumbersome to pay before 18:00 every day can be shipped the same day, and the next day after 18:00, the next day.For customers who are particularly eager to use, please communicate clearly with our sales staff to avoid delays in your use.

[About pictures and colors]
All products are 100% in-kind shooting. If you need to use the product image, please explain in advance.Otherwise, it will lead to a complaint to the buyer.

Color errors may occur due to photographs, computer monitors, and light.beg to be excused!If the buyer cannot accept the color difference at all, it is determined that it can be accepted and then ordered.

[About receipt]

If you receive a package that is severely deformed or bent, etc., do not sign it first, you can ask for an open package inspection.This is our right, the courier company and the post office can not refuse!If you sign for the courier damage, we can't compensate you.

[about quality issues]

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.We will help you in the shortest possible time, no matter what your problem, we will give you a satisfactory answer.

Please do not ask the buyer to give the middle and bad reviews easily without contacting us, because each of your evaluations is very important to us. In fact, many problems are just a small misunderstanding, both sidesCommunication is very important.

[about return]

If you encounter a problematic product, please return it and write your Want Want number with a piece of paper. We can refund or refund you.However, if you need to return the goods because of the wrong purchase, please return all the goods in the original state, of course, the postage is returned by you, we do not accept payment.
Ordering instructions
Support mixed batch!

Product attribute
Craftsmanship Hand made
Material Man-made fiber
Place of origin Qingdao Pingdu
Product Category Fake eyelashes
Qty random
Whether cross-border supply no
Whether to import no

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