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Tips for applying eyelash glue:

1. Don't apply too much mascara. Even the sticky lashes are glued. This will greatly reduce the life of the lashes!
2. The mascara is applied to the root of the lash root. The volume is about 0.5-1 mm. It can be applied evenly and evenly.
3. After the mascara is applied, wait a few seconds for the eyelashes to be worn, and stick the false eyelashes against the roots of the lashes. After that, do not move the hands or scorpions, and let the lashes be fixed for a few seconds with the help of external force to make the roots stick first. Then open your eyes, licking the eyelash glue is not completely dry, adjust the angle of the false eyelashes, too pressed and pressed, too lifted and lifted.
4. When attaching eyelashes, when the false eyelashes are 0.5cm away from the eyes, don't worry about it. First determine the end of the eyelashes and the approximate position of the eyes. Then the hand or the aid is raised by 45 degrees! First fix a point in the middle of the eyelashes, then the end of the eye, the last eye, this is a relatively good order, of course, you can also paste in the order you are used to.

special reminder:
The angle is very important when attaching the eyelashes. The eyelashes should be slightly raised upwards, which is larger than the 45-degree angle of the eyelashes, so that it can be attached to the eyelids at the root of the eyelashes! And if you hold your hands up, you won't block your eyes. You can clearly see the roots of your own eyelashes, so that you can accurately see the stickers! The first few eyelashes were attached because the step was not done well, and it was difficult to stick to the root of the eyelashes or the end of the eye because it could not be seen. If you use a pair of tweezers to hold the sticker, you should also pay attention to the angle of the false eyelashes.
product keeper:
1. When taking it out of the box, follow the direction of the eyelashes and gently remove it with your fingers. When you remove it from the eyelids, hold down the middle of the false eyelashes and pull it down quickly. Never pull two or three hairs down. .
2. Used false eyelashes should completely remove the adhesive glue and put them into the box neatly. Be careful not to stick eye shadow powder, mascara, etc. on the false eyelashes, otherwise it will stain and destroy the false eyelashes.
3. When cleaning false eyelashes, use a makeup remover that is specially designed to remove eye makeup to clean the false eyelashes. Use a cotton pad to press the false eyelashes. Start with the roots and then the front part. The movement must be light, otherwise it will not be recycled. .

How to remove false eyelashes:
Gently unload the false eyelashes, do not forcefully tear it! When tearing, try to be close to the root of the false eyelashes. Before tearing, first distinguish the true and false eyelashes by hand. Make sure that you are holding the false eyelashes, not the true eyelashes and tearing them. When you tear them, tear them from the end of the eyes to the eyes. If you want to make the false eyelashes last longer, it is best not to use the eye unloading liquid to apply and tear! Of course, false eyelashes are definitely not finished once. If you don't mind the short life, I hope that it will be possible to apply it with the unloading liquid and tear it off. It will be peeled off every time. The root of the false eyelashes will have the glue that has been dried. If it is not cleaned as much as possible, the glue at the root of the eyelashes will be The thicker and thicker lashes of the eyelashes are thicker and thicker due to the accumulated glue, so the life of the eyelashes is shorter!

Eyelash glue removal method:
Sticking alcohol with a cotton pad You can also compare ice water! Then gently wrap the roots of the removed eyelashes so that the roots of the two eyelashes are completely wrapped in the cotton pad, and it takes about 10 minutes to come. You will find that the hard, dry glue on the roots turns white again and is very very soft. At this time, try to hold the eyelashes close to the roots with one hand. Use one hand to tear off the eyelashes with a pair of tweezers. Generally, it can be removed very cleanly in three or two. After tearing, bend the eyelashes slightly. Move the roots into a natural arc to compensate for the distortion of the eyelashes caused by the eyelashes and the mascara, and put them back in your box!


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Craftsmanship Hand made
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